Welcome Lou Watson to Team 3A!

Third Angle New Music is excited to welcome Lou Watson to the staff as the new Communications Coordinator. This position has previously been held by Evan Lewis and Kim Gumbel, both of whom did a tremendous job for the organization. Evan helped propel Third Angle to new heights with his expert grant writing and education skills. Kim stepped in over the summer in a temporary position and provided infrastructure with great organizational skills during a transition time. They both leave behind huge shoes to fill and we are grateful for all their hard work and now fondly wave them off to new career paths elsewhere.

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Traditionally, a group like Third Angle should kick off the season by highlighting our performers in a groundbreaking event. This year our season opener will be just as groundbreaking, but 3A will serve as the supporting cast as we turn the spotlight on a new group of heroines—the chorus of trans women featured in Sarah Hennies’s revolutionary work Contralto.

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