Summer Haps

Over the past five years, Porch Music has grown into a wildly popular 3A early summer ritual. The mini-festival gathering of listeners for lovely neighborhood walks through Irvington and mostly outdoor concerts has offered a preview of Third Angle’s upcoming season. We’re taking a hiatus this summer to consider new possibilities for Porch Music and to explore new settings in different neighborhoods. We’ll return in Summer 2019 with new venues and refreshing programs.  We hope you’ll join us!

Another successful Third Angle season has come to a close and, after nine years of tireless work, Executive Director Lisa Volle planning a well-deserved break. With the 3A board’s blessing, she will take the summer off to adventure and to recharge. Until she returns in September, Third Angle will maintain full momentum as interim artistic director Sarah Tiedemann and communications coordinator Evan Lewis prepare for next season.

Enjoy the sunshine!
Team 3A

Third Angle